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Related post: Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 19:46:11 -0800 (PST) From: Jon T. Subject: Queer For My Son - bbs aaa livedor link Chapter 5This is a work of fiction - these characters exist only in my fevered imagination. This story features sex bbs japan young between a father 101 teen smugglers bbs and his willing son. If you're not into that or if you are not of an age to be reading X-rated stories, please go elsewhere. If svens list bbs you wish to pretty teen bbs provide feedback, you can contact me at t_jon15yahoo.com. Thanks to the guys who have written to me thus far. One additional note: I have never participated in, nor do I advocate for, incest or sex with minors. Please practice safe sex at all times.Queer for My Son - Chapter 5a On the Thursday afternoon in the second week following the initiation of having my ass pounded by my son's thick cock, I was worn out and also thoroughly annoyed. I had to cancel wrestling practice to have an evening of parent-teacher conferences. Our school had started having these sessions each grading period. The teachers were not happy because it was an added duty with no added money, but we all recognized the importance bbs pic of having parents involved in their children's education. So starting at 4:30, I bbs girl little sat at bbs asia my desk for three hours, visiting with girls young bbs the few folks who straggled in and going over test scores with them. It seemed as though math forum bbs nude and science were the main concerns of these parents. History class was not at the top of their list, so I was not as busy as some of my colleagues were. Finally the evening wound down and I was able to pack up my briefcase and head for home. When I walked into the kitchen from the garage, naked japanese bbs I was surprised to hear a familiar sound, that of human flesh slapping against human flesh. 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I was profoundly embarrassed. I would have thought Corey would be scrambling for his clothes and heading sun bbs lilitas porno for the door, but instead I could see him peeking around Dane's arm and grinning ameteur bbs as well. "Hey, Coach! Dane throws a great fuck, doesn't he? But you already knew that, didn't you." preeteen bikini model bbs Dane pulled out and slapped Corey's butt. That was Corey's cue to change positions. He got on his asian anal bbs knees, and in one easy motion, Dane re-entered his fuckhole. I top 50 kiddy bbs made note of the fact that Dane was ukraine cp bbs using a condom, true to the promise he had made me. "Corey needs a cock to suck. Get over here!" "Dane! Have you completely lost your mind?" "No, Daddy. My mind's right where it's always been. Get your ass over here!" The room was suddenly far too warm. I russian babies bbs was afraid I would pass out if I didn't shed some clothing. I pulled the polo shirt I was wearing off over my head. Dane was still watching me in the mirror. He gave me a thumbs up and signaled to me to come closer. My feet seemed to move of their own accord. "Fuck his mouth, barely legal bbs forum and if you're a good boy, maybe I'll let you fuck his ass!" My hand went to my belt buckle and I began to undo it. I was standing in front of Corey. He reached out and groped my crotch. "Oh, man! You are so fucking hot! Get it out here! I gotta suck it!" young teen bbs pass I couldn't get my pants and boxer shorts down around my knees fast enough. Corey wrapped his hand around my cock and pulled it towards his mouth. Once again, my mind was racing around, feeling strongly this was a horrible idea, but now committed to getting my cock sucked by one of my students. Corey teased my foreskin with bbs teen chat his lips, moaning lustily. Then he grabbed my hip and took in my cockhead. Before I knew it, his nose was buried in my pubes. He had deep-throated my thick 9+ inch cock! He swallowed with his throat muscles a couple of times and then pulled off to take a breath. bbs alufelgen It was child porn bbs tgp very apparent this boy was very experienced at cock sucking! The feelings were sensational, causing my knees to buckle slightly. I began to fuck in and out of Corey's mouth. My cock entered his throat with each thrust. I had never felt anything like it. Dane leaned forward, grabbing the bbs lola top child back of my head and pulling me into a passionate kiss. "Now kiss him, Dad." I fell to top bbs kidds my knees to where my head was level with ru angels nudist bbs Corey's head. His hand still clutched my cock. We kissed as though we had been doing it for years, tongues and all. Corey obviously wanted my bbs ukranian sites cock in his mouth, so I stood again. He sucked my ptsc pics bbs ru cock down his throat as Dane braced himself with one hand and reached out with the other to twist my nipples. I was on sensory overload. Before I could even attempt to slow it down, I was shooting a huge load into Corey's hungry mouth. Most of it went directly down his ls bbs model throat. I could hear him gulping animalsex bbs frantically to swallow it all. "Get down here and suck Corey's cock! He's going to blow any second!" I litle models bbs wanted that load badly, so I threw myself on the bed and maneuvered until I could take his beautiful cut seven-incher into my mouth. In the past few days, I had become a certified cocksucker, but I had my limits. Dane's thrusting pushed Corey's cock into my mouth and almost into my throat. xxx bbs pussy Nowhere near as experienced as Corey, I gagged but managed to hang onto it. In seconds, Corey was shooting a hot cum load into my mouth. It flooded into me. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some of it still flowed out the corners of my mouth. bbs ranchi board The pressure from Corey's ass as he shot his load was enough to push Dane over the edge. He pulled out, ripped off the condom, and unleashed dark bbs angel what seemed like a gallon of cum all over Corey's back, grunting and cursing. "Fuck! Fuck!" We were all gasping. Dane hissed, "Get bbs girlis up here, Dad! Help me clean this up!" I got to my knees, and Dane and I licked and slurped all over Corey's back, getting Dane's delicious load before it ran off onto the bed. When we were done, Dane kissed me passionately. I began to come to my senses. I got to my feet beside the bed. I still had my slacks and underwear around my ankles. "That was fun, boys, but we need bbs phtc message board to talk!" "Oh, Dad, you and your talking." "Go into the den, both of you!" I pulled my pants and underwear up to where I teens elwebbs biz could walk and retreated to my room. As I departed Dane's room, I saw Dane webcam bbs flip Corey over littel bbs and lay down of top of him. They were kissing as though their lives depended on it. I proceeded to my room and kicked off my shoes and then pulled off the rest of boys bbs toplist porn my clothing. I was shaking my head in disbelief. I no longer believed my son was heterosexual, or even bisexual. My cock was still wet and half-hard from Corey's beastiality mpeg bbs hot mouth. I grabbed it and stroked it a couple bbs kinder prorno of time. I considered putting on a pair of shorts but decided against it. I knew bbslist rape Dane and Corey would bbs young pre probably be naked. Corey had seen me naked many times in the shower after practice. I had nothing to hide from him, but both of the boys had some explaining to do. I headed for the den and peeked in cautiously before entering. If they were wearing any clothes, I would run back to lol cp bbs my room and grab a pair of shorts. I needn't have worried. Corey was lying in Dane's arms, his lower half stretched out on the sofa. Dane was supporting Corey with his left arm and stroking his chest and teasing his nipples with his right hand. I entered the room and sat down kitty teen bbs in the armchair that was positioned so that I was facing the two young men. angel bbs uk The sight of them making out was enough to make my cock begin to rise. I couldn't keep my hand off it even though I had questions for Dane and Corey. I cleared my throat. Corey sat up and swung his legs around to where he was seated next to Dane. Dane threw his arm across Corey's shoulders and nuzzled his ear. Corey grabbed Dane's cock which was completely erect. "Can we give it a break for just a moment? I really need to know what is going on here, and what you bbs loitas model have told Corey, Dane." "Isn't he just the hottest forum bbs nude angel thing you've ever seen, Dad? Almost as hot as ukrainian angels bbs you!" Corey gave Dane's cock a couple of strokes and leaned in for another kiss. "Guys, I mean it. Cool it." "Tell that to your dick." I looked down to find my cock was rock hard and leaking precum. "I can control myself. Nothing else is happening here until I get some answers." Dane sighed. "OK. Party pooper." "It's OK, Dane. I don't blame your dad. " Corey stroked Dane's cheek and then sat back looking bbs webcam 7z at me expectantly. I looked at both of them. "Since when have you two been fucking?" Dane glanced at Corey. "It started last Saturday. You remember, I went to his house to work on our pedo bbs 13 foto science project. There were supposed to be four of us, but the other two didn't show up. forum no nude bbs Um - lo girls bbs you remember when I told you there were guys at school who had asked me to fuck them?" "Yes." "Corey's been after me since we were sophomores. I looked at him that afternoon, sitting there in a pair of tight shorts, and thought, 'Why not?' I kissed and groped him, and that was that." Corey spoke up. "Yeah, I was really shocked. I always Dane was this completely straight ls models magazine bbs dude." I smiled at Corey. "I thought the same thing about you." "No - I'm bisexual. The thing with me and Dane is really special because..." Corey stopped, obviously not knowing how to say what was on his mind. Dane looked at Corey affectionately. "Tell him the rest of it." Corey looked at me, suddenly shy and almost apologetic. "Well, he's the first guy I've fucked with outside my family. I've always thought he is the hottest guy around. I couldn't help but flirt with him and make it clear my ass was his if he wanted it. I take what goes on with my father and brother really seriously, but when he came onto me, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. We've fucked every day since then." I looked at Dane. "And you've fucked me every night." "Yeah - you both have me so hot." Dane stroked his cock as he said this. "Back up, Corey. You have sex with your family?" None of this really computed for me. Corey's father was Andrew Schreiber, a tall, handsome mathematics professor at ASU of perhaps 45 years of age. I knew his beautiful mother, Gloria, who I had met briefly, was an extremely successful attorney. Andrew seemed to have more time than Gloria and attended a lot of our wrestling matches, chinese antique bbs so I had become better acquainted with him than many of my wrestling parents. Corey had older siblings who were twins, Samuel and Samantha, angel bbs 14yo who would now be 20. They had both been in my history classes. They were quite tall and had been big basketball stars at our school. I knew from talking to Corey that they were now both pre-med students at ASU. He had an exquisite younger sister, Cynthia, who had just turned 15 and was in one of bbs three peice wheels my freshman history classes this semester. Corey nodded in answer to my question. I continued. "How long has this japanese bbs photos been going on?" bbs under tgp "We've always been nudists at home, ever since I can remember. Dad fucked me for the first pre tenns bbs time when I was 13. I bbs little virgin asians had sex with Sammy and Sam when I was 14. Mom climbed into bed with me on my bbs cp pics 15th birthday. Sammy has a huge cock. I love it when he drills me. When I l s magazine bbs have my cock in Sam and I'm being fucked by Sammy, it's my favorite thing." He smiled at Dane. "Until now, anyway. I was encouraged to fuck around in order to have a well-rounded social life. I've fucked a couple of girls outside the family, but never another guy. Sammy is so hot, and Dad is very intense, and both of them are very good at fucking my ass. I didn't feel the need to look elsewhere. I guess I was saving myself!" He clasped Dane's thigh. Dane was grinning from ear to ear. "And Dane told you about the two of us." "He didn't have to. I knew immediately, just from the way you started looking at each other and behaving. A lot of families fuck with each other, more than you can possibly imagine. I can always tell young naturists bbs when I see people out in public who's fucking who." "OK, Dane, your turn. Gay? Bisexual? What?" "I don't know, really. I'm sitting here with my gorgeous boyfriend and looking at bbs teen incest my hot dad. Pussy pedo girl bbs is the farthest thing from my mind. That could change. Probably will at some point." "A very short time ago, you told me your cock was for pussy only." "Yeah, well... Can we fuck now?" My asshole was tingling. I was shocked - I never would have thought the sun bbs ls magazine Schreiber family would be tapping each other in bed - but it was a very hot image. They were a beautiful family. I was disturbed at Dane's recklessness, but at the same time, I was turned on beyond belief. My cock jerked and throbbed which was all Dane needed as an answer to his question. Dane looked at Corey. "Did you mean magic elweb bbs it when you said you'd like for my dad to fuck you?" "Wait a minute, Dane. child sexy bbs I've never fucked another guy! He's my student!" bbs loloita "So? He's ashley hobbs nudes one hot fuck. Great one to start with. It'll get you ready for my birthday!" "What do you mean?" "That's all I want for my birthday this year. I want you to take my ass cherry!" Corey shivered. "Ooo - that would be so fucking hot! Can I watch?" "Sure you can, baby. I hope you like sloppy seconds, because you'll be next!" "It's a big birthday, son - your 18th. I'm sure you'll get more than just your old man's cock up your ass. But who am I to deny my baby boy?" I hadn't thought about fucking Dane. I was comfortable with my role as the bottom in our relationship. But fuck him I would if that's what he wanted. Suddenly Dane jumped up and ran out of the room. I had an idea where he was going. Sure enough, in just seconds, he was back lola bbs archive with the wrestling mat from the spare bedroom. He spread it on the bbs lotita pics floor and then slapped it. "Get over here, both of you!" Corey and I exchanged delighted grins and moved kid video porn bbs toward the mat. Dane said, "We could wrestle and have the winner fuck the loser. model teens bbs But let's just cut to the chase. Dad, let's pretend you just pinned Corey, and now you're going to fuck his ass! zoung bbs Then I'm gonna fuck you so he can watch!" To say we had a wonderful thirty minutes fucking and sucking would be a huge understatement. Corey proved to an enthusiastic, resourceful, talented lover. His asshole felt like silk around my cock. I knew he bbs pedo nude pictures was no virgin, but he was still shy teens bbs so hot and tight, it took my breath away. Though he indicated lol bbs pre I had his father and brother beat by at least an inch, he handled my big cock with elwebbs ls magazine no obvious pain or a complaint. I am not a big fan of condoms, but I forgot all about it after just a few moments. When it came time for Dane to fuck me, Corey was all over both very young teens bbs of us, kissing, licking, sucking my cock and balls, and licking Dane's cock as it went in and out of me. He had such a great time, it was doubly fun for us. He was thoroughly jazzed that Dane fucked me bare and delighted in licking my hole as cgiworls bbs ls Dane's load oozed out of it. Later, petite asian bbs we were lying on the mat, completely sated, entangled, sweaty, and panting. little bbs toplist Corey caught sight of a clock on the wall bbs 14 yr nude and jumped up. "I ukraine virgins bbs have to run! I've completely missed dinner!" Dane and I followed him to Dane's room where he dressed quickly. As he was going out the sunbbs ls land front door, he said, "Coach, I'm going to have to tell my dad what's going on. I think he'll be OK with it, but I know he's going to want to touch little virgin bbs bases with you." I refused to have regrets about getting know this stunning young man intimately. I knew I had no choice but to take things as they came. I smiled at Corey. "I guess I can be glad you're 18, huh." Corey smiled back. "That won't be a problem. Sammy had an affair with one of our neighbor ladies when he was best bbs russian gallery 16, and when Dad found out, his response was to give Sammy a high-five. It's just the family thing. I've got to level with him." "Sure thing, Corey." With that, he kissed us in turn and trotted out to his car. Dane and teen 14 bbs I stood naked in the doorway, our arms around each other, looking forward to a late supper and, afterwards, a hot shower together.
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